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About Me.

My name is Mark Aylett. Born & raised in Leicestershire, I studied for a degree in Production engineering before taking a post as a production engineer at Evans Lifts in Leicester. Following the decline of engineering in Leicester, I took a job as a sales & support engineer for a Ruslip based engineering design company selling computer aided design & manufacturing systems (CAD/CAM). This is where I got involved with Macintosh computers, and later working as a software support engineer with a Nottingham based company, until I set up my own Mac support company in 1998, which is still running today. I started chimney sweeping a few years ago to help fund a holiday home in Spain that would be suitable for my disabled stepdaughter. The influence for this line of work came from my father, who was himself a chimney sweep for a number of years.

In my private life, I have enjoyed learning to fly a Microlight Aircraft and helping organise & run national and international competition, becoming champion of the Round Britain Rally in 1993 with my flying partner, Pete Callis. For a number of years I was treasurer for the Normanton on Soar PCC until I left Normanton in 2000. Now I concentrate my time on family and trying to run two businesses!


Creosote build up in the chimney soot is the main fuel for chimney fires. Creosote builds up faster when burning unseasoned or softer woods, but can come from most fuels that we burn.


We all make an effort, these days, to reduce draughts and seal up doors and windows, but this sometimes greatly reduce the fires ability to draw smoke away, up the chimney. This in turn increases the amount of soot deposited in the chimney or flue.

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