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Having been surprised by the number of chimneys I have cleaned following chimney fires recently, I have decided to introduce an affordable payment plan to give you peace of mind by ensuring your chimney is swept regularly. I will contact you to arrange a convenient time when it is due. To encourage more regular sweeping, only a small additional charge is made for more than one sweep per year. In addition, you can combine the cost with other services (gutter clearing, for example). The cost also includes a free call-out service in the event that you do suffer a chimney fire or other blockage during the term of the agreement. Please note that I will strictly limit the number of these plans I take on, in order to ensure I can give priority services to those clients.


• Regular sweeping is assured giving you peace of mind.

• I will call you to arrange times

• Combine with other services such as gutter clearing, slate hearth dressing, iron blacking etc..

• Free call-out in the event of chimney blockage or post-chimney fire cleaning. (And gutter unblocking, where that service is subscribed to.)

• 10% discount on other services not included in your service plan.

Here are a few examples of monthly charges for services. A normal sweep relates to an open fire or wood/multi fuel burner. Please contact me for solid fuel stoves and multi-flue fires. Gutter clearing relates to a 'normal' size 2-4 bedroom home with accessible gutters & downpipes.

Single chimney, one annual sweep - £4.50

Single chimney, two annual sweeps - £6.00

Two chimneys, one annual sweep - £5.50

Two chimneys, two annual sweeps - £7.50

Add annual gutter cleaning to the above services - £2.00

For a free quote and full details, please contact me by telephone or email or download the forms here.


Chimney fires can cause damage to chimney linings and metal flues which can be costly to repair or replace. The insurance excess on many home insurance policies would pay for chimney sweeping for 10 years!!


Sales of wood & multi-fuel burners rose by 60% last year. They are efficient & cheap to run, and make a welcome feature in any house. But it's important to remember safety & efficiency. If you're thinking of fitting a new burner, call me for advice on care & cleaning

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