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As well as sweeping Chimneys, I offer a number of other related services, including:

Fitting Caps & Cowls

Fitting Bird Exclusion Systems
Ever been woken in the early hours by birds nesting under the roof ridge tiles ? It used to be an annual occurrence for me, until I found a clever and economical system to keep them out - It costs only about £130 to fit to the average house and is almost invisible. Call or email for a quote.

Slate dressing
If you have a natural slate hearth they can look beautiful, but are easily scratched and marked in normal use. regular dressing can keep it looking in tip-top condition, and cost less than you might expect!

Repointing chimneys
The chimney stack is usually the most exposed piece of brickwork on your home. It takes the full force of the wind and rain, and over time, the mortar softens & crumbles. I will do a free ground level inspection of the stack, and advise if any work is required. In some cases, it is only possible to give accurate advice with a closer inspection. If this is necessary, a small charge is incurred which will be deducted from any work eventually carried out.

Painting Chimneys and exterior walls.
Chimney stacks are sometimes rendered & painted. If this is the case, it's important to keep it regularly painted to prevent damage to the render. I take on all aspects of exterior piantwork, from a single chimney stack to a whole house.

Gutter repairs, clearing & unblocking
Got a problem with your guttering or blocked downpipes? Let me take a look - I can even include gutter cleaning in my regular payment plans, to ensure your gutters get an annual cleaning and cover against any problems through the year.


VillaFadeWe have a property in Fortuna, Spain, which we had built to be suitable for my step-daughter. She has severe learning difficulties, and some mobility issues, so 'Villa Fortuna'was built to accommodate visitors with a degree of disability, including easy wheelchair access throughout. Please click the image above to visit the website, but don't forget to come back! There is a 5% discount for ChimneyDoc payment plan clients!

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