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Have you ever been kept awake in the early hours by birds nesting in the roof - I have! Having spent many mornings bunging up holes under the ridge tiles I’ve finally been driven to find a permanent solution - and here it is! A solution that is cheaper and less visible than bird spikes.


Ridge tiles are one of the most common forms of roof tile for houses in the UK. They provide a strong roof surface and allow gaps at the roof edge that allow the roof to ‘breathe’. Unfortunately, they also provide an ideal nesting site for small birds. This can be a nuisance, not just for the noise in the early hours, but also the mess they create on the areas below (especially when the blackberries are in season - not nice on the patio furniture!!!)


An unused chimney is susceptible to cold and damp and will deteriorate faster than a chimney in regular use. If you have a disused chimney, you should consider having it capped to reduce erosion to the inside of the stack, even if the chimney is blocked off at the bottom.

These comb shaped sections consist of a very flexible set of ‘fingers’ which are deflected to fit the contours of the gaps under the tile. The angled section allows a number of different fitting methods. They prevent access for birds while still allowing the ventilation space. They do not effect drainage or prevent cleaning of the guttering and are almost invisible from the ground. They come in handy 1m lengths and can be purchased for you to fit, or we can fit them for you. Please contact Mark on 07830 345800 for a quote.


If you've ever had a bird come down the chimney, you'll know how much mess that creates! There are a verity of cowls or simple wire baskets to prevent this. Pointed wire mesh (sometimes called bird cages) guards also prevent birds from sitting on the mesh.

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